Seller FAQ’s:

What benefits are there to selling my property to you versus someone else?

That is a great question! The Realty Doctor offers many benefits to you the seller. Regardless of the details of your situation, our goal is always to get your property sold as quickly and painlessly as possible! We buy properties as-is and pay cash. This means you will not have to worry about a buyer insisting that you make repairs, you’ll have no commissions to pay, you won’t have to wait while your property sits on the market, AND we certainly will not ask you to help us pay our closing costs. In fact, there are many instances where we’ll pay all the closing costs! So as you can see, there are numerous benefits to working with us.

My property is currently listed with an agent. Can The Realty Doctor still help me?

This depends on the cooperation of the agent, but we may be able to work out a deal whereby the agent still gets paid and you get your property sold – and sold quickly. We always want success for everyone involved in a transaction, therefore, we won’t enter into an agreement where this standard is not met. Feel free to contact us for further consultation about your specific situation.

Why don’t I just list my property with an agent?

We do not discourage people from listing with an agent, and in some instances that is the best choice. The Realty Doctor is a resource for you, so if you do want to list with an agent feel free to contact us and we’ll connect you with a high-caliber agent in your area if you do not know one already. However, we ask that before you sign a listing contract to please be aware of what you are committing yourself to. Here are a few things to consider:

1. We are in a buyer’s market. This means that very few properties are selling for the listing price, so expect low-ball offers. Buyers are savvy and know that their options are almost endless, so anticipate that they will “shop around” to find the very best property at the very best price. What does this mean to you? If you don’t have the best product at the best price, be prepared to wait… and wait…  Remember, while you sit there and wait, your principle, interest, taxes, and insurance payments don’t go away! Weigh out how much it is going to cost you to wait, and consider the benefits of a fast sale.

2. You will pay a commission, generally 6% or 7%.

3. Aside from beating you up on the list price and your having to pay the realtor’s commission, buyers may ask for a 3% to 6% Concession, otherwise known as Seller Assist. This sweetens the pot for buyers, having most or all of their closing costs paid for… that is, BY YOU!

4. It is standard that buyers will have an inspection contingency. Through our years of experience we’ve learned that an inspector wants to prove to the buyer that hired him that his inspection is well worth the $300 he or she paid for it! Finding things “wrong” justifies the cost. After the inspection is completed, buyers will more often than not approach you and ask you to do, on your own dime, the fix-up work that was brought to the forefront by the inspector. This, of course, further reduces what amount you’ll net out of the sale. That means even LESS money in your pocket! Furthermore, any defects that the inspector finds that you were not aware of before the inspection are defects that, since you now know of them, you are obligated to disclose them to any other buyer that takes an interest in your property.

5. Even AFTER ALL OF THIS, the financing or something else may fall through, and, if it does, you’ll have to START THE PROCESS ALL OVER AGAIN. OUCH!

Many sellers don’t foresee all these things when listing their property. In fact, I’ve seen many sellers who end up netting only about 65-75% of there original list price once everything was said and done. Of course, once they get to the closing table and come face to face with this realization, they decide after all the time spent and headaches endured it’s best just to sign away and be done with it.
At The Realty Doctor, we think of ourselves as the Emergency Room of real estate. Our typical client is someone who wants immediate relief from an emotionally and/or financially draining property. We can quickly go to work on “mending the wound” by negating the above mentioned hassles. Why wait when you can get it done today?!

I am upside down on my property. Can The Realty Doctor still help me?

Yes! Again, The Realty Doctor is a resource for you to utilize. If you owe more than you home is worth, your next step will be to list the property with an agent and start the short sale process. We can refer you to a short sale specialist in your area. Once this process is started, we or one of our associates may purchase your property after negotiating with your bank. Be aware that the banks usually prefer that the property is listed on the open market, that is why we make this recommendation.

My property needs a substantial amount of work. Does The Realty Doctor take on these types of properties?

Yes! We deal with all sorts of properties, from pretty ones, to ugly ones, and everything in between!

I didn’t care for the amount of the cash offer I received. Are there any other options available to me?

Yes! Although we prefer to offer all cash offers and to close quickly, there are additional agreements the we can arrange and enter into. These agreements are common and standard, and include:

  • Structuring deals under Land Contracts, also known as Contract for Deed or Agreement for Sale.
  • Structuring deals under Subject-to’s, which means purchasing the property subject to the existing financing.
  • Structuring deals under Lease/Options, which entails leasing with the option to purchase.
  • Structuring deals under an Option, which grants us the exclusive option to purchase for a specified time period.
  • Structuring deals under a Flex Option, which grants the option to purchase without relinquishing your ability to sell the property independently.

So as you can see, if you have a property that you need to sell there are various ways we can help you get that done!

I own the property free and clear and I don’t need to sell quickly and  I don’t have any immediate plans for the proceeds from the sale of my property except to put it in the bank. What would you suggest in my situation?

That is a great place to be! We would suggest that you consider owner financing your property. That way, you’ll be freed of the obligations and responsibilities of the property and you’ll also receive monthly payments, which is a smart replacement for the expenses of property taxes, insurance, and maintenance that you’re now paying. Wouldn’t you rather have the property put money into your pocket instead of take money out of it? This is how you can turn a liability into an asset! We will also provide further safety to you by listing you on the insurance policy. That’s right – even if the house burned down you wouldn’t lose!

What experience does The Realty Doctor have?

For 15+ years we have helped, and continue to help, people find solutions to their real estate needs.

Buyer FAQ’s:

Do you have any other properties for sale other than the ones listed on your website?

More often than not, Yes! We match properties up with buyers on our buyer’s list by either calling them or emailing them as soon as we get a smoking-hot deal in queue for sale. Oftentimes these properties sell within several hours or several days, long before we are able to get them posted on our website. Because of this, it is best to learn about our deals by subscribing to ours buyers/investors list, which can be done by clicking on the BUYERS/INVESTORS tab on our homepage.

Can I buy a home from The Realty Doctor if I am not an investor?

Yes! Our typical buyer is a rehab or landlord investor but we also sell property to individuals who are looking for a primary residence at a bargain price. Please note, however, that we deal primarily with cash buyers who by property “as-is” and can close quickly. This means that, more often than not, you’ll have to be very decisive when an opportunity presents itself. In short, we do business with ready, willing, and able buyers who are comfortable with buying properties that may be in slight or heavy disrepair.

Do you offer additional services for local and/or out-of-state investors?

Yes! Aside from providing solid investment property, we also offer help and referrals with ancillary services such as insurance, hard money lenders, property management, real estate attorneys, consultation, property liquidation, etc.

How can I be the first to be notified of a new property for sale?

Please submit your name and email on the optin form located on the upper right of the page. We will notify you immediately when a new property is available for sale that fits your needs.